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Lipid-bound Sulfur - 60ml | Health Equations


Most symptoms, acute or chronic, are caused by inflammation. Sneezing and congestion are signs of inflammation if you have a cold or spring allergy. Swelling, redness and heat are signs of inflammation if you stub your toe. And symptoms associated with any condition that ends in “itis” - arthritis, colitis, bursitis - are caused by inflammation.

Inflammation can be the cause of symptoms without obvious signs of inflammation and without an “itis”. Examples include tinnitus (that’s an “itUs”, ringing in the ears), vertigo (you feel like you are spinning or the world around you is spinning), PMS (premenstrual symptoms), itching, palpitations, fever, and even stress.

Two kinds of inflammatory fatty acids cause symptoms. One kind makes tissues acid while the other causes tissues to become alkaline.  The good news: the pH of your urine at the time you have symptoms is the same as the pH of the tissues where you have the symptoms. 
Sulfur and MGS deactivates fatty acids that alkalize tissues. Flame Quell deactivates fatty acids that acidify tissues.

Lipid-bound Sulfur (LbS) can manage the pain, swelling and stiffness of osteoarthritis. Although known as age related “wear and tear” arthritis, more accurately it is a chronic degenerative disease, one of many chronic degenerative diseases.

Chronic degenerative diseases are appropriately called “diseases of civilization”.  That is, they are the result of modern lifestyles… LbS relieves symptoms and slows progression of osteoarthritis and chronic degenerative disease.

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