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Leucine Powder - 65g | Moss Nutrition


Leucine is an essential, branched chain amino acid (BCAA) naturally found in whey protein. Leucine has been researched for its anabolic potential in helping to promote the synthesis of muscle protein and to support healthy lean body composition.

Leucine is frequently used by athletes as a body-building supplement and also shows great promise in helping to counteract the normal loss of muscle mass associated with the aging process (sarcopenia). As with many, catabolic states, sarcopenia is believed to result from decreased protein synthesis related to a defect of the leucine signal to stimulate the mTOR signaling pathway activity.

Research suggests that leucine should be taken in conjunction with a protein-containing meal or protein shake (such as Select Meal or Select Meal DF) in order to achieve clinical results in helping to optimize muscle mass and function. Taking leucine directly prior to or following weight bearing exercise has been shown to enhance the anabolic benefits of leucine in people of all ages.

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