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Leapfrog IMMUNE - 30 Tablets | Leapfrog Remedies


Though little-known by the public, Lactoferrin is synthesised daily by us all – in fluids, saliva, secretions and neutrophils - as a vital part of our immune system. An iron-binding glycoprotein, it has potent anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties and is also a key component of mother’s milk.

Leapfrog has chosen Proferrin® which is a premium brand of lactoferrin that has excellent purity and is extracted from the milk of cows in France. The raw material is then pressed into a chewable tablet with zinc and vitamin C at an accredited facility in the UK. Formulated as a chewable tablet, Leapfrog IMMUNE is predominantly absorbed through the mouth for efficiency and efficacy. No water needed, no pills to swallow.

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