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L-Carnitine - 90 Capsules | Moss Nutrition


L-Carnitine helps metabolize fats by taking them directly to the mitochondria where they will be used for cellular energy production. This function explains its apt status as a chaperone molecule. Carnitine is a critical nutrient for both heart and skeletal muscle, metabolically active tissues that depend on fats as their primary energy source. It is a conditionally essential amino acid meaning it must be obtained through diet or supplemented. As its Latin name suggests, Carnitine is found in greatest abundance in the muscle meats of beef, lamb and pork. Those in need of this amino acid include strict vegetarians/vegans and individuals enduring high-stress physical conditions like cardiovascular disease or patients recuperating from severe illness or injury.

Carnitine is well known for its cardio-protective function as well as its ability to help preserve and promote lean body composition during weight loss and exercise. Athletes use it to help improve blood flow to muscle tissues and to decrease soreness and reduce free radical production. It is a therapeutic support nutrient for conditions marked by excessive oxidative stress.

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