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Intracellular Detox Complex - 66 Capsules | Neurobiologix


Optimal Detox & Autophagy Support

NBX Wellness' exclusive Intracellular Detox Complex is a potent blend of well-studied nutritional elements renowned for amplifying diverse intracellular pathways. This formula helps shield cells from oxidative stress and deterioration, and aids in countering the aging process. *

The Intracellular Detox Complex fortifies three crucial cellular health routes by providing: *
  • NRF2 (Nuclear Factor) augmentation, boosting intracellular detoxification.
  • Autophagy regulation of mTOR, enhancing cell renewal and metabolism.
  • Superoxide Dismutase, further enriching the antioxidant impact.
The synergy of turmeric and piperine elevates bioavailability and absorption, optimizing cellular health advantages. This blend contains a potent mix of nutrients, including magnesium and sulforaphane to support a multitude of body processes, supports antioxidant protection, and aids muscles and nerve function.

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