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HistaHarmony - 60 Tablets | Healthy Gut

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HistaHarmony™ helps your body degrade food-derived histamine and maintains healthy DAO levels in the digestive tract

This formula uses a high-potency DAO backed by 96 patents. Healthy Gut encapsulate the fragile enzyme using the best technology on the market, delivering more DAO where it needs to go in the gut. Then they nitrogen pack it to keep it fresh so you can trust you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

If you get fatigued, flushed, or foggy after eating, HistaHarmony, DAO (Diamine Oxidase) enzyme may help. HistaHarmony™ lets you enjoy even a glass of wine without histamine-related headaches. At home or on the go, keep HistaHarmony close by so you can eat the foods you love without paying for it later!

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