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Gut Histamine Blocker - 60 Capsules | NBX Wellness


Targets Food-Derived Gut Sensitivity

Formerly: GI Hist Support

Histamine Intolerance and the AOC1 or the HMNT genetic polymorphism (SNP). An impaired histamine degradation in the bowel based on reduced A01C (diamine oxidase) or reduced HNMT (Histamine-n-Methyltransferase) activity, and the resulting histamine exposure from foods may cause symptoms mimicking an allergic reaction.

Ingesting substances that release histamine or block these two enzymes may provoke stomach issues, headache, flushing, and other conditions in clients with histamine intolerance. Our best-in-the-market, high-dose diamine oxidase (DAO) formula may help alleviate these concerns.

Note: Gut Histamine Blocker does not manage or address antibody-related or IgE-related food allergies.

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