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GI Globulin Select - 136g | Moss Nutrition


GI Globulin Select™ helps to support healthy GI comfort and function with a revolutionary ingredient called IgY Max™.

IgY Max™ is made from specifically immunized, powdered whole chicken eggs containing antibodies against 26 commonly human-encountered pathogenic microbes. Similar to the manner in which bovine colostrum or serum contains Immunoglobulin G (IgG) compounds, avian eggs and hyperimmune egg powder contains Immunoglobulin Y (IgY) compounds. These immunoglobulins harness and convey the natural benefits of passive immunity, i.e. the process by which a gestating or lactating mother transfers antibodies to her offspring.

The IgY antibodies in hyperimmune egg powder have been shown to help to eliminate significant numbers of pathogenic microbes while leaving beneficial strains intact. Reducing competition from non-beneficial species clears the way for friendly flora to multiply and populate the gut, potentially helping to enhance GI comfort and function 

While not technically a probiotic supplement, the hyperimmune egg powder in GI Globulin Select™ helps to prevent the attachment of unfavourable microbes and reduce mucosal inflammation in the human GI tract. It has been shown to support healthy intestinal barrier function, favour the growth of beneficial microbial species and help promote overall GI health. In addition to optimizing the microbiome, hyperimmune egg powder has been studied to reduce inflammatory cytokine activity. Clinical use further suggests it may help to promote healthy stool consistency and regularity in people with gut irritation and diarrhoea. 

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