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GI Detox INT - 60 Capsules | Biocidin Botanicals




It happens on a daily basis. Toxic exposure. Mold, poor diet, compromised food or water quality, air pollutants, elevated stress, disrupted sleep. It’s an unfortunate reality in today’s world.

But did you know? Toxicity can also be aggravated by imbalances
in the microbiome and microbial die-off. That’s why the binding activity of G.I. DetoxTM INT is an essential part of any treatment strategy that includes removal. A simple
solution for microbial debris, environmental toxins, and metabolites produced as part of normal living.

G.I. DetoxTM INT provides a gentle, well-tolerated method of assisting detoxification. By intercepting contaminants and facilitating elimination in the stool, it reduces the workload of the liver, ensuring patient comfort and compliance.

Integral to protocols using Biocidin®, G.I. DetoxTM INT is formulated to provide broader activity than a single-ingredient product. Velay green clay, activated charcoal, and silica, plus apple pectin, humic powder, and aloe vera. Binding and detoxification agents long used in traditional medicine and supported by modern research.

As Biocidin® works on biofilms and mobilizes unwanted microbial byproducts, G.I. DetoxTM INT binds and clears.

Microorganisms balanced. Biofilms dismantled. Detoxification done right.

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