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Eskimo-3 Balanced Mind - 50 Capsules | Nutri Advanced


Why Choose Eskimo® Balanced Mind?

Nutri Advanced's Eskimo® Balanced Mind has specifically been formulated for those looking for support to achieve a balanced mood or those looking for support for balancing inflammatory processes. It may be useful for those who suffer from stress, low mood or anxiety in particular. The capsule format means it's ideal for those who don't like taking fish oil liquids and as well as targeted mental wellbeing and inflammation support it also has benefits for vision and heart health. Formulated to provide high levels of EPA, Eskimo® Balanced Mind features this essential fatty acid in a 6:1 ratio with DHA for balanced mood and inflammation. Fatty acids are really important in supporting your brain to function better; in fact, 60% of your brain is made up of fat. Eskimo® Balanced Mind provides the same high quality, pure, stable and sustainable fish oil as featured in the rest of the Eskimo range, but in a concentrated form to supply the high levels of EPA to provide 550mg EPA and 115mg DHA per capsule. Eskimo® Balanced Mind also provides 800iu vitamin D per capsule. Vitamin D is important for our bones, muscles and teeth as well as our immune system.

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