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Drink HD - 20 Capsules | Omne Diem


Meet Drink HD from OmneDiem - it neutralizes histamine, a compound naturally occurring in the mast cells in the human body and also in foods and beverages, especially fermented ones.

Alcoholic beverages may also contain high amounts of histamine.  Furthermore, alcohol liberates histamine in the gut and also depresses histamine degradation by inhibiting the body's own DiAmine Oxidase, the enzyme that degrades dietary histamine.

To make matters worse, just like anywhere else in the body, aging causes us to produce less of our own DAO meaning the alcoholic beverage you had no issue with in your 20s can start giving you problems in your 40s.

This can lead to common alcohol-histamine reactions such as:

  • Flushed, red face, chest and neck
  • Sneezing
  • Congestion / stuffy nose
  • Digestive distress

Drink HD works with the power of natural DiAmine Oxidase (DAO), the enzyme that breaks down histamine in the gut. It won’t interfere with your enjoyment of alcoholic beverages and it has no interactions or side effects. It’s just a friendly little enzyme that can help you remain comfortable as you consume alcoholic beverages.

If you love red wine but it doesn’t love you back anymore, Drink HD is for you.
If craft beers are now a little too crafty in your belly, Drink HD is for you.
If that snort of whisky makes you sneeze, Drink HD is for you.

Drink HD - everybody’s favourite drinking buddy.

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