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Bio-Vitamin D3 800IU 20mcg - 90 Capsules | Pharma Nord


The vitamin D supplement that everyone is talking about - chosen for the ground-breaking 'Coronavit' trial! 

The trial which will look at the effects of vitamin D supplementation on the immune system and protecting against Covid-19. This is a huge testament to the quality of Pharma Nord's vitamin D supplements! 

Why Pharma Nord vitamin D3 supplements?

  • Documented bio-availability,  proven by science. Bio-Vitamin D3 has been featured in a number of clinical trials which prove their superiority when it comes to a D3 preparation
  • Dissolved in cold-pressed olive oil for maximum absorption. When it comes to supplements, absorption is key for performance

  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards - just like all Pharma Nord products

  • Contain cholecalciferol -  a form of vitamin D that is naturally produced in the skin

  • Easy to swallow 'pearl' capsules.

What are the benefits of vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is a fantastic nutrient that's essential for our overall well-being and boasts a number of benefits, including:

  • Contributing to the support of the immune system. What's more, studies have shown that vitamin D may stimulate the body's production of anti-viral and anti-bacterial proteins.

  • Helping to maintain healthy muscles and nerves

  • Contributing to the maintenance of normal teeth and bones

  • Helping our bodies absorb calcium

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