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CuraZyme Vital - Gentle Digestive Relief - 90 Capsules | Cura Nutrition


Healthy digestion is key to a properly functioning immune system, maximising energy levels and enhancing nutrient uptake from food. Many people do not produce enough enzymes to fully digest the foods they eat. Age, stress, digestive disorders and certain medications can all interfere with the body’s own enzyme production, making digestion more difficult.

CuraZyme™ Vital is a specialised blend of 10 pharmaceutical-grade digestive enzymes utilising MCT as an accelerator. Alongside the key CuraBlend ingredients, the MCT accelerator not only helps this gentle enzyme formula significantly speed up, but it also increases the potency of the digestive enzymes.

Created to jump-start digestion in the upper stomach, CuraZyme Vital works synergistically with the body’s own enzymes to help ensure nutrient availability. Supplementing each meal with a CuraZyme capsule can make all the difference to your digestive health.

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