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Colon Comfort - 120 Capsules | Amy Myers MD


A comprehensive formula featuring magnesium citrate and botanical extracts

Magnesium Citrate Supports Colon & Bowel Regularity

Colon Comfort features Magnesium Citrate. This form specifically helps support healthy bowel movements as a natural stool softener by attracting water into the intestine and bowel. If you have thyroid issues, digestive challenges, or sit at a desk all day, odds are you’ve dealt with some degree of constipation. Luckily, magnesium citrate supports softer, better formed bowel movements and a healthy bowel pattern. By drawing water to the bowel, magnesium citrate can help to soften stool and make it easier to pass. Magnesium citrate also helps promote energy production and relax muscles within the digestive tract, both of which are necessary for normal peristalsis and healthy bowel movements!

Essential Botanical Extracts for Optimal Digestion

Apple cider vinegar and ginger root extract are the perfect pair to complement the many benefits of magnesium citrate. They support digestive health and promote healthy metabolism, while supporting your body’s ability to maintain optimal blood glucose levels as part of a healthy lifestyle. Plus, this encapsulated form avoids any of the irritation that liquid magnesium supplements can often lead to. 

Caffeic acid is a type of polyphenol—a naturally occurring compound derived from the artichoke plant. This powerful extract is a digestive tool that supports your body's natural defences against harmful free radicals while also supporting your body's natural liver function.

Colon Comfort is perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants the benefit of natural constipation relief
  • Seeks to avoid harmful chemicals found in many laxatives
  • Is looking for a more comprehensive Magnesium Citrate formula
  • Desires optimal bowel regularity and frequency

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Amy Myers MD