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Calcium Select - 120 Capsules | Moss Nutrition


Calcium is a critical mineral in the smooth functioning of nerves, hormones, muscles and blood pressure. This product offers two forms of calcium manufactured by Albion Laboratories, which ensure maximum absorbability and efficacy: calcium bonded to malic acid and calcium bonded to glycine. Malic acid is produced in our bodies in the Citric Acid Cycle and in vegetables and fruits, especially apples. Glycine is also innately produced in the human body, synthesized by the amino acid serine. The process of chelation forms covalent bonds between the calcium ion and the malic acid and glycine so the calcium has a neutral charge and a smaller molecular weight so it is better absorbed in the intestine.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) helps calcium move from the intestine into the bloodstream and to the bones where it is stored. If calcium doesn't reach the bones, it remains in circulation in the blood stream, where it will pass through the kidneys and be excreted. This places a burden on the kidneys with kidney stones and kidney damage potential outcomes. Vitamin D also helps the kidneys retain calcium.

Aging, stress, prescription medications, dietary factors, such as high sodium levels and lack of muscle building exercise can deplete calcium levels and this may manifest in disorders such as high cholesterol, heart problems and certain cancers, including colon and pancreatic. When calcium levels are depleted, the body pulls it from bones and teeth, leading to osteoporosis and dental caries. Calcium is crucial for smooth functioning of muscles and of blood vessels-especially their capacity for moving optimum amounts of blood throughout the body.

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