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Menopause Complex - 60 Capsules | Wild Nutrition


Menopause can be a challenging stage of life so Wild Nutrition have updated their much-loved botanical formula with increased Magnesium to support energy levels, nervous system, psychological function and healthy bones, muscles and teeth.

Supporting energy and mental resilience - Contains Ashwagandha to support energy and mental wellbeing. Likewise, Magnesium supports your sense of equilibrium and nervous system, while reducing tiredness and fatigue.

Immune support and bone health - Contains antioxidants including Green Tea, Milk Thistle, Ashwagandha and Turmeric to provide immune support. Also contains Turmeric for joint health and Magnesium for bone, muscle and teeth support.

Food-Grown® - Our pioneering Food-Grown® method mimics nature. By bonding nutrients at low temperatures into real, live food, we retain whole-plant goodness in a digestible form your body easily recognises and uses.

By women for women - Having spent over 15 years in clinic helping women with the symptoms of menopause, our founder and formulator Henrietta poured her expertise into creating this beautiful botanical supplement.

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