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BioFlam - 60 Capsules | BioMedica


Provides temporary relief from the symptoms of arthritis, and may reduce inflammation associated with trauma and injury

BioFlam is a uniquely formulated product with multiple clinical applications. It contains a range of nutritional and herbal constituents, proteases and enzymes which have been specifically combined to modulate several biological mechanisms including key inflammatory pathways.


  • Offers multiple clinical applications in a single formula.

  • Comprehensive product; works via several mechanisms including the modulation of key inflammatory pathways

  • Contains Curcumin C3 Complex®, a unique turmeric concentrate. C3 complex is produced under strictly controlled conditions throughout cultivation, harvest and manufacturing

  • Comprehensive formula to assist in reducing symptoms associated with arthritis, injury and trauma via several mechanisms including, decreasing the inflammatory markers of the arachidonic acid pathway

  • Dosage of 1-3 capsules daily to accommodate both chronic and more acute prescriptions

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