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BioActive Complete B-Complex - 60 Capsules | Life Extension


Health benefits at a glance:

Get the most of one of nature’s best metabolism and energy supporters: Vitamin B. Our BioActive Complete B-Complex offers a wide spectrum of the benefits that different types of vitamin B can provide in just two vegetarian capsules - and that at a much higher potency than many regular vitamin B supplements. 

From metabolic support to supporting heart- and nerve health, the versatility of vitamin B makes it a true nutritional wonder. BioActive Complete B-Complex contains all of the many health benefits associated with Vitamin B in a single formula.

Why it works:

Your body needs B vitamins to help release energy from the foods you eat, such as carbohydrates, fat and protein. In other words, B vitamins help to optimize the conversion from foods to energy in your system. 

BioActive Complete B-Complex packs a high-potency punch of different types of vitamin B, making sure that you can get all the benefits that vitamin B can provide your body. 

It provides a high potency at dosages that are scientifically studied and formulated with bioactive forms of every single nutrient found in BioActive Complete B-Complex, which ultimately can help inhibit vitamin B Deficiency and provide you with an unparalleled product.

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