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Beam & Balance Vitamin D3 + K2 - 25ml | Bare Biology


Support your immune system by keeping your vitamin D levels high with this super easy spray. No unnecessary ingredients, just vitamins D3 & K2, MCT oil & peppermint oil. 100% plant based & made in the UK (where the sun rarely shines!).

With 4,000IU of vitamin D3 balanced perfectly with 100ug of K2 per 3 sprays, it’s easy to vary the dose depending on your needs. With no added sugars or thickeners, this super pure and plant based supplement is a must-have for supporting immunity, healthy bones, teeth and muscles.

25ml - 180 sprays per bottle

4,000IU D3 and 100ug K2 per 3 sprays

Great for everyone over 12, all year round

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Bare Biology