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AP-Traveler - 90 Capsules | Ayush Herbs

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AP-Traveller is a potent and versatile herbal combination that supports the maintenance of gastrointestinal health. It combines berberine containing plants such as barberry with powerful antioxidant herbs including Amla, Neem, and Holy Basil. Additionally, the phytochemicals in AP-Traveler support and balance a healthy gut microbiome*. 

The result is healthy and comfortable digestion which can be especially useful for travellers who experience discomfort between locations or are concerned about testing and drinking water in unfamiliar locations such as when hiking.*

  • Supports the maintenance of gastrointestinal health.*
  • Assists in balancing and cleansing the colon’s microbiome.*
  • Aids in supporting a digestive defence system.*
  • Helps to maintain digestive flora.*

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