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Annatto-E Synergy with Black Cumin Seed Oil - 60 Softgels | Designs For Health


Annatto-E™ Synergy is a unique tocopherols-free‚ tocotrienols-only product‚ containing 125 mg tocotrienols along with 1g black cumin seed oil (Nigella sativa) per two soft gel serving. Like tocopherols, ‚ tocotrienols (T3) have four isomers: alpha‚ beta‚ gamma and delta. Research indicates that the two most potent forms of tocotrienols are delta and gamma T3. This product contains 90% delta and 10% gamma-T3‚ a makeup unique to annatto and not found in rice bran and palm oils (two of the other richest sources of tocotrienols). Combined tocotrienol and tocopherol concentrates from these oils‚ referred to as “tocotrienol-rich fractions‚” usually contain 30-50% tocopherols; however‚ the most effective concentrates for reducing oxidative indicators and supporting cardiovascular health in human studies are those with low tocopherols and high tocotrienols. In fact, tocopherols may actively interfere with the beneficial cardiovascular and anti-proliferative properties of tocotrienols.

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