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Acetyl-Glutathione - 60 Capsules | Amy Myers MD


A supercharged boost of your body's most powerful detoxifier.

No other nutrient works harder to detoxify your body. Concentrated in your liver, glutathione is your body’s most important molecule when it comes to detoxifying harmful and foreign elements that may affect your health. When you’re under stress or toxic burden, glutathione is rapidly depleted, so supplementation can be crucial to effectively mediate these challenges.

Glutathione is the body’s ultimate free radical scavenger. It’s the most powerful free radical scavenger produced by your body by far. Free radicals are unstable molecules that travel through your body and cause damage to enzymes, proteins, hormones, and healthy tissue. They’re responsible for a host of inflammatory issues and even linked to premature aging. Did you know your DNA can be damaged by free radicals! Even the most notorious free radicals such as advanced glycation end products (AGE’s), and reactive oxygen species (ROS) can be squelched by the free radical fighting power of glutathione.

Supplemental glutathione does not work... UNLESS it’s in the right form! Most oral glutathione products on the market don’t work. That’s right, almost all of the mass market glutathione supplements out there oxidize and are broken down long before they have a chance to be absorbed in your gut. Even if they did make it to your gut intact, almost all of these mass-market brands simply aren’t in the right form to even be absorbed properly.

Years of research and clinical experience have led Amy to discover... the optimal form, molecular structure, and delivery method supplemental oral glutathione needs to have in order to viably arrive in the gut and properly absorb. Amy's acetylated glutathione comes in the most bioavailable form available on the market. The acetylation process and micro-cluster molecular structure ensures that it won’t break down before your body has a chance to absorb it, and that it is in the right form to actually be absorbed.

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Amy Myers MD