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Dirty Genes Online Course

Brief introduction to the Dirty Genes Course

In the Dirty Genes course, Dr. Lynch will share the key wisdom from his many years of studying, teaching, experimenting and helping people resolve their exceptionally complex medical problems. Air, Food, Water, Shelter, Mindset and Nutrition are all at the heart of genetic expression and are covered in the course. It’s time to stop being distracted and disheartened! The Dirty Genes Course is your guide to feeling empowered and taking your health into your own hands by cleaning your dirty genes!


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Course Description


Genetic testing can seriously confuse people and distract them from what truly matters. The Dirty Genes Course puts you in the driver seat - not your genes. You will learn the many ways that the environment impacts your genetic expression each minute of every day, and what you can do about it. What’s in the air you're breathing? It's impacting your genetic expression. What have you recently been eating and drinking? It's currently impacting your genetic expression. What is the temperature around you right now? It's also impacting your genetic expression. The point here is that the environment is constantly impacting how your genes function, and we hold the power to flip our genes ‘on’ or ‘off’.

The Dirty Genes book along with the course provide practical steps to help you transform your genetic destiny through a combination of diet, supplements, sleep, stress relief, and reduced exposure to environmental toxins. With the right tools, you can transcend your inherited tendencies to disease - including anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, birth defects, cancer, dementia, depression, heart disease, insomnia, and obesity - to create a new and healthy life.

The Dirty Genes Course includes 5 video lessons:

  • Foundations of Health
  • Air
  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter

Part I Foundations


1. Foundations of Health


This module introduces you to the Dirty Genes course and the idea that just because you may have a chronic illness or a gene SNP for an inherited condition, you are not sentenced to living a life with illness. You can clean your dirty genes.


2. How Efficient Are You?


This module asks you to look at your current symptoms and to think about how your body might be creating energy. Identifying and understanding how and why your individual fires are burning is key.


3. Where Are Many Starting?


Many people are looking at gene SNPs as the place to start. Dr. Lynch reminds us that genes are associative not causative, and that your health status is dynamic.


4. Where to Start?


Dr. Lynch focuses on the importance of the foundations of health. Strong healthy foundations will optimize your health and your life.


5. What Should We Do?


This module focuses on helping you identify where you are in the cycle of dirtying your own genes and how you can create real solutions for yourself. Dr. Lynch identifies specific actions that you can take which will strengthen your foundations and optimize the health of your genes.


6. How Do We Fix It?


This module presents practical ways in which you can stop wasting your time and start focusing on self-care. Lynch helps you to identify what is essential in your day-to-day and what is nonessential, and how your attitude plays an impactful role.


Part II Foundation: Air

Surviving Air


Dr. Lynch discusses the importance of how breathing properly and breathing clean air is essential to keeping your genes working optimally. This module looks at some of the scientific evidence of how improper breathing affects your body and what actions you can take to develop better breathing practices.


Part III Foundation: Shelter

Surviving Shelter


It is incredibly important to understand where in your living spaces there might be toxins that are dirtying your genes. This module takes a deep dive into all the places your home might be bogging you down. Included are essential take away solutions for the presented problems of modern-day shelters.


Part IV Foundation: Water

Surviving Water


In this module, Dr. Lynch discusses the functions of water and why it is important to focus on the basics of healthy water and hydration to keep genes clean. He covers the science of water’s function, how to evaluate hydration status and key solutions for dehydration.


Part V: Food

Surviving Food


Dr. Lynch discusses food as medicine. Food of the wrong kind, in the wrong amounts, and eaten at the wrong time of day are some of the main ways your genes remain dirty. This module discusses the science of the human body’s use of food and the when, what, why, and how of eating to maintain optimal health.


Total Run Time: 4:39:52


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