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Enhanced Zinc Lozenges - 30 Lozenges | Life Extension


Health benefits at a glance:

Zinc acetate found in Enhanced Zinc Lozenges can contribute to defending against seasonal immune challenges. 

Zinc acetate releases positively charged zinc ions which support your immune system. Meant for occasional short term use when seasonal changes expose the immune system. 

Why it works:

Most people have probably tried avoiding a cold during the winter season. If such a cold arises, it is always easier to inhibit such an issue when the first signs are showing. However, this is best done with an immune system that functions optimally, so it may deal with invaders accordingly. 

Zinc stimulates around 300 enzymes in the body and simultaneously fortifies the immune system, and zinc acetate lozenges have been shown to support the immune function. 

Life Extension® Enhanced Zinc Lozenges provide zinc acetate with no other ingredients that could reduce the delivery of immune-supporting, positively charged zinc ions. On top of that, Enhanced Zinc Lozenges taste good because they come in a naturally flavoured peppermint lozenge.

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