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The Naked Pharmacy

I started my career in medicine at Boots Research in Nottingham working with the inspiring team of chemists that discovered Ibuprofen. It started a long journey of discovery in which I studied Pharmacy at Bath University and gained experience in hospital, community and industrial pharmacy.

During this time I saw how important conventional medicine is, especially for seriously ill patients and within hospitals. However, I also realised that conventional treatments are not always the best and only options for patients in the wider community.

Illness and disease have a myriad of causes such as psychological, social, diet and fitness. I discovered that food and nutrition are fundamental drivers for wellness/illness. At higher strengths and using modern research some foods (which we call Nutriceuticals) can also prevent and treat illness effectively. These Nutriceuticals can be integrated safely with conventional medicines.

With The Naked Pharmacy, we are building a community of customers who are searching for effective natural solutions for their health problems. Our goal is to offer these natural solutions with transparent, scientific, expert advice.