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Supreme Nutrition Products

So what in our opinion makes Supreme Nutrition Products different?

1) Raw material selection must also pass applied kinesiological evaluation as do the capsules, etc.

2) No fillers, binders, etc. added. This gets harder and harder and even many raw materials are diluting their “natural, organic” products with maltodextrin to prevent caking. As a result we had to drop a few raw materials from our products.

3) Most of our products only have one ingredient as that way we are not doing a shotgun approach but supplying the ingredient that will be most effective. For instance in killing a parasite, it is in our opinion better to give the one herb that tests effective as opposed to a product with many ingredients some of which may be effective and some not effective. Thus there may not be enough of the effective ingredients to make a real change with the patient.

4) We do not use standardized herbs that have undergone processing (often unnatural) to alter the ratios that naturally occur in the product but keep our products as natural as possible.

5) Most of our products are organic and/or wildcrafted but occasionally one that is not certified will out test and outperform ones that are so again our testing is the bottom line.

6) No vitamins, minerals, amino acids, alcohol, etc. are used in our products.