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STEMREGEN is a company that creates powerful supplements that unleash your regenerative potential by tapping into the power of your body’s innate repair system. They use ingredients found in nature to create scientifically advanced stem cell solutions for optimal health and longevity. 

The company founder Christian Drapeau is a stem cell scientist, published researcher and author.  He holds a graduate degree in Neurophysiology and has been involved in medical research for 30+ years, the last 20 specifically dedicated to stem cells. He pioneered the understanding that stem cells constitute the body’s natural healing and repair system and has travelled the world in search of the most powerful plants that support stem cell function and enhance the body’s regenerative potential.

STEMREGEN® Release was specifically formulated for its effect on stem cells. Its ingredients have been scientifically documented to significantly increase the number of circulating stem cells by triggering their release from the bone marrow. As stem cells are an integral part of the body’s innate repair system, their increase in number as well as their circulation and function help to maintain organ and tissue health in the body. More stem cells in circulation promote optimal health and longevity and STEMREGEN® Release supports these vital processes that can slow the signs of aging and improve overall health.