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SOS Essentials

Smart Organic Solutions began its work in the Health & Well-being industry at the start of 2010.

They manufacture and distribute a range of Natural Health products, including beverages, immunity builders and skin tonics which we distribute across the UK, EU, Africa, and the Middle East.

Their business was developed in response to the many issues currently affecting modern well being. With an increase in the number of toxins and chemicals in our environment, food, water sources, and air, as well as diets that lack the proper nutrients and macros, the modern individual is more susceptible than ever to disease, illnesses and complications with their bodies.

Their range of products are designed and manufactured to help individuals who care about their health to supplement their diet and general wellness regimens, in order to gain back more control over their bodily health. What’s more, with an array of various substances, you get access to the specific supplements you need to get your health back on track.