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Natura Health Products

Natura Health Products® is a leading-edge provider of exceptional quality botanical and nutritional products. Our products encourage optimal health, vitality, and resilience and are formulated to address a variety of health concerns, conditions, and categories. Our products are sold exclusively to healthcare professionals and their patients through referral because we believe that the healthcare practitioner plays an essential role in maximizing the therapeutic benefit of our products through proper dosing and clinical application.

Natura was founded in 2001 by world-renowned Clinical Master Herbalist and Certified Nutritionist Donald “Donnie” Yance, in affiliation with his Medical & Scientific Advisory Board. After many years of practising at his clinic, the Mederi Centre for Natural Healing, Yance wanted to create precise formulas that would meet the therapeutic needs of his patients. Natura Health Products grew out of his vision to supply practitioners worldwide with the highest quality botanical and nutritional formulations for lifelong wellness.