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Hybrid Herbs

Hybrid Herbs began as a small herbal business by Kieran, who went to China in his youth after a debilitating illness left him weak and fatigued. He was prescribed Cordyceps Mushroom and his health improved almost instantly.

Delighted, he brought back various Medicinal Mushrooms to his friends and family, and together we started to provide them locally at fairs and small events.

Over the years, our issue came with the preparation times with Medicinal Mushrooms. To really reap the benefits of Mushrooms, one must boil them for hours on end, which is both times consuming and sometimes not practical. 

We decided to produce 10:1 concentrated extracts of Medicinal Mushrooms, whereby we would take 10 pounds of each mushroom and concentrate them into one pound of extract, ready for our customers to consume immediately. And Hybrid Herbs was born.

We then began to provide other High-Quality herbs, teas and superfoods and have been delighted by the fantastic response we have received from customers all over the world.