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APE Nutrition

APE was started by two people in a small flat in London with a desire to bring truly healthy, organic, real food products onto the supplement market. 

APE moved out of London and into the countryside, which led to our own reconnection with nature. Through this APE evolved into the UK’s number one source of grass-fed and finished nose-to-tail products as well as organic medicinal mushroom powders. APE saw the healing power that nature holds and that every time we eat we have an opportunity to bring that inside of us.

Everything APE do is not only designed to support your body, but also to rebuild nature; with farming practices that enhance soil biodiversity and work in harmony with the ecosystem around them. 

APE are an extension of the earth and have an incredible opportunity to be the custodians of it, working in harmony with nature; to nurture the growth of food, rearing and caring for animals using proper farming practices. There is no more time for wandering off course, it's time to return to eating in alignment with the planet and our own evolution.