Digestive & Complete Body Support - Zinc Carnosine by Integrative Therapeutics has been clinically shown in over 20 studies to support a healthy gastrointestinal lining and help relieve mild gastric discomforts. It has been successfully used in Japan since the early 1990s to support mucosal integrity, gastrointestinal immune defense, and occasional indigestion.  Zinc is essential for healthy functioning of more than 100 enzymes in the human body, and helps promote cell growth, supports the immune system, and aids in wound repair.  Zinc in proper dosages can support children's health especially their immune systems

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It's free from...
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Gluten
  • Nuts
  • Shellfish
  • Soy
  • Yeast


Amount per serving:
Zinc 16 mg
Zinc-Carnosine (PepZin GI® brand) 75 mg
Other ingredients: cellulose, vegetable capsule (modified cellulose), calcium laurate, and silicon dioxide.

Important information

If pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare professional prior to use.

Dosage information

Recommendations: Take 1 capsule twice daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.