Cell Membrane & Liver/Gall Bladder Support - NOW Sunflower Lecithin has Phosphatidyl Choline, the most abundant phospholipid in the cell membrane, where it plays a key role in cellular signaling and synaptic function. Needed by every cell, Lecithin helps keep the cell membrane from hardening and facilitates the passage of nutrients through the cells. It also allows toxins out for excretion. It is a main component of bile, helping the body break down fat, supporting liver function and detoxification.

It's free from...
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Gluten
  • Nuts
  • Shellfish
  • Soy
  • Yeast

Dosage information

SUGGESTED USAGE: As a dietary supplement, take 2-3 softgels daily with food.