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Free radicals are highly reactive compounds produced in response to normal metabolic functions as well as in response to air pollutants, tobacco smoke, sunlight, damaged fats, noise, chemical exposure and other environmental stressors. When generated in excess, free radicals can damage cell membranes and countless tissues and structures throughout the body.

Redox Select™ provides a wide range of antioxidant ingredients that are both water soluble and fat soluble, enabling the product to be active both inside and outside the cellular environment. Redox Select™ includes clinically relevant levels of vitamins A, C &, E, as well as zinc, selenium and other mineral enzyme cofactors. It features two important amino acid antioxidants: sulfur-containing L-Taurine (prevalent in heart, brain and eye tissue) and N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), which provides the key glutathione precursor cysteine. Glutathione is considered our most important endogenous antioxidant.

Redox Select also provides activated R-Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q 10 with bioperine to help optimize absorption, anthocyanin-rich Bilberry extract and Meriva® curcumin phytosome, a premium turmeric extract exhibiting superior bio-availability and bio-activity in human studies.