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Zinc Picolinate - 90 Capsules | Nutri Advanced


Zinc Picolinate provides 15mg of zinc chelated (joined) to picolinate for rapid absorption and assimilation. Added vitamin C supports the immune system.

Zinc is a crucially important mineral that's involved in ALL areas of the body, including cognitive (brain) function, immunity, hormones, bones and vision.

When choosing a zinc supplement it's important to consider how absorbable and bioavailable the zinc supplied is. Zinc Picolinate is a highly absorbable form of zinc. Our body naturally uses picolinic acid to absorb and transport certain minerals. The addition of vitamin C further supports the function of the immune system.

Zinc Picolinate is suitable for everyone, including children from the age of 4 years. Specifically indicated for those who may not get enough from their diet (which is many of us), those who need immune system support, and for those who may have poor wound healing. A very important, essential mineral for anyone with fertility and/or reproductive issues. Men often have a higher need for zinc also.

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