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YourGutPlus+ - 60 Capsules | YourGutPlus+


YourGutPlus+ was developed in May 2020 for the UK national Covid-19 dietary intervention study. It contains a unique blend of 5 different butyrate enhancing, non diary lactobacillus probiotic bacteria. Each capsule has 10 times the natural bacteria as a large live yogurt supported by an effective prebiotic soluble fibre inulin. Each capsule provides 200% the RDA of Vitamin D3. 

For more details of the design and background of the scientific study please see the trials website ( 

YourGutplus+ contains a healthy amount vitamin D3, the absorption and bio-availability of which is enhanced by the lactobacillus. Low Vitamin D levels, common in the UK northern countries, can trigger a number of chronic disease (read more).  In return, vitamin D3  encourages the growth of the “good bacteria” so there is a healthy synergy between these lactobacillus and  vitamin D (read more).

YourGutplus+ aims to help restore a healthy gut flora with an emphasis on safety.  It uses a patented slow release capsule which help avoid digestion of the bacteria by the stomach helping the bacteria reach the large bowel where they are most needed.

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