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Super K Elite - 30 Softgels


Health Benefits at a Glance:
Vitamin K is not just a single vitamin. In fact, there are several different types of vitamin K, which all support different aspects of your health, from arterial health to bone health. Super K Elite delivers an unparalleled variety of vitamin K forms found in nature. Coming in clinically studied doses, the Super K Elite formula is crafted and designed to give you the optimum health benefits that the powerful K vitamins provide.

Why it Works:
As you age, the arteries can become increasingly calcified. Another natural consequence of aging is also that the bones in the body may grow increasingly brittle. Vitamin K, however, offers a natural approach to countering these health issues. The many forms of vitamins known collectively as vitamin K have an impressive ability to both help inhibit calcification of the arteries and support the absorption of calcium into your bones, keeping them strong and healthy. That way, K vitamin also supports a healthy calcium balance in your body.
Containing no less than four different kinds of vitamin K in scientifically studied dosages, the Super K Elite formula is Life Extension’s® most potent and elegant vitamin K formula to date.

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