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Rhodiola Extract (3% Rosavins) 250mg - 60 Capsules


A common complaint among older adults is loss of physical and mental energy. As people age the cells produce less energy. Scientists believe it to be a critical factor behind many health problems. Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) has demonstrated a remarkable ability to promote the production of energy and fight fatigue. This is made possible by enhancing the activity of mitochondria, your body’s energy factories.

In a human clinical trial, rhodiola aided exercise endurance after just a single dose. In another study, this herb increased mental performance, including associative thinking, short-term memory, concentration, calculation and audio-visual perception. Statistically significant improvements were reported after just two weeks of supplementation. More recent clinical trials have proven Rhodiola rosea to significantly ameliorate physical and cognitive function.
Unlike many Rhodiola supplements on the market today, Life Extension’s Rhodiola Extract uses only authentic Rhodiola rosea species.

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