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Preconception Vitamin & Mineral for Men - 120 Capsules


A complete vitamin and mineral blend specially formulated for fathers and fathers-to-be. Hypoallergenic. Gluten and casein free. Capsules are plant-based. Ultra Pure™ (laboratory tested for more than 950 environmental contaminants).

P2i Baby™ Preconception Vitamins & Minerals Formulation for Men is specially formulated to promote a healthy nutritional profile for men who are planning to have a baby. The formula for this hypoallergenic product incorporates the most recent scientific findings regarding potency recommendations and inclusions of trace minerals. The folate in this formulation is 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF), which is a more bioavailable form of folate than folic acid.  This product is also an excellent, comprehensive supplement for men to use after conception to maintain a healthy and balanced nutritional status.

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