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Pomi-T - 60 Capsules | Nature Medical


Pomi-T® contains a unique blend of herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits squeezed into a vegetarian capsule for a convenient way to boost your daily intake of natural plant polyphenols. It is the only polyphenol rich food supplement tested in a national scientific trial.

The ingredients do not contain any colours, preservatives or flavourings. Only the highest-grade foods have been used, responsibly sourced – each batch is carefully checked for authenticity and purity.

Pomi-T® is Swiss/Italian made in a “state of the art” facility with the highest levels of “Good Manufacturing Practice”.  Only the official Pomi-T can guarantee these unique levels of quality assurance.

Pomi-T® was designed by a team of health scientist and nutritional experts. It combines foods from four different categories (fruit, vegetable, spice and leaf)  to provide a range of polyphenols,  and natural phytochemical each with their unique properties, providing a synergistic effect whilst at the same time avoiding over-consumption of one particular type.

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