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Paleo Protein (Mocha Latte) - 810g | Amy Myers MD


Enjoy a protein packed mocha latte without having to leave your house.

Amy's Mocha Latte Paleo Protein perfectly embodies the delicious fresh roasted coffee and latte flavour of your favourite creamy coffee house latte, WITHOUT the detrimental effects of coffee!

The Myers Way® Paleo Protein is one of the only clean, AIP protein powders on the market. It’s gluten, dairy, and sugar-free, and sourced from non-GMO, hormone- and antibiotic-free, grass-fed beef (don’t worry, you would never know it from the delicious taste!). You also won’t find any pesky “avoid list” ingredients in Amy's Mocha Latte Paleo Protein. It’s truly perfect for everyone, especially those following an AIP/autoimmune or keto protocol, or simply avoiding inflammatory foods.

Every serving contains a whopping 21 grams of pure protein. Fantastic for those concerned about getting enough protein in their diet. Not everyone always has a good grass fed, pasture raised, or wild caught source of protein on hand, so Paleo Protein comes to the rescue as an additional source of clean protein!

Paleo Protein is so easy to mix! It’s great as a quick morning shake or added into a delicious smoothie. Fast, easy, convenient, and fabulous for you. Kids absolutely love it too! It’s perfect for those finicky eaters out there. 

Paleo Protein supports healthy lean muscle mass & weight loss. Whether your goal is to maintain and promote optimal muscle mass, or to help lose those last few stubborn pounds, Paleo Protein can help you reach your goal. Rich in tissue-building peptides, Paleo Protein helps support healthy muscle growth and tissue repair. It’s now well known that one of the best ways to help with weight loss, is adequate lean muscle mass!

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Amy Myers MD