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Optimized Fucoidan with Maritech 926 - 60 Capsules


Fucoidan is a little-known molecule, found in edible seaweeds. Native to the Japanese diet, it has been lately the subject of research attention. Almost 900 published studies confirm its potential for a healthy immune function, cell communication and maintenance of tissue. Fucoidan is considered to be one of the key nutrients behind the exceptionally long, healthy lives enjoyed in Okinawa, Japan.

Maritech® 926 fucoidans is sourced from hand-harvested, wild seaweed from the pristine ocean waters of Patagonia. A cutting-edge water extraction process ensures the provision of the critical nutritional benefit of Undaria pinnatifida. This is the species of seaweed used in a majority of scientific fucoidan studies.  A single vegetarian capsule of Optimised Fucoidan with Maritech® 926 provides the same amount of fucoidan typically daily consumed by the Japanese. Most people require just one capsule per day, yet ageing individuals seeking to enhance the benefit may choose for two.

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