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Menopause Night Relief (Topical Patch 30 Day Supply) - 30 Patches | PatchMD


Menopause Night Topical Patch

The Menopause Night Relief Patch provides natural, all-in-one support to target the challenging night time symptoms of the menopause. This specially formulated topical patch can bring relief from night sweats, insomnia, anxiety and heart palpitations, help to balance hormones, AND encourage peaceful sleep. It’s no wonder this is one of PatchWorks best selling items, they’ve been described as natural HRT patches!

Herbal sleep aids valerian root and hops flower are cleverly combined with red clover and black cohosh. These plants are packed with plant oestrogens that can help rebalance your hormones and ease hot flashes, breast tenderness, and vaginal dryness. Dong quai, a powerful anti-inflammatory, and melatonin – which helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm – are also included, to help you fall asleep and stay that way.

This formulation benefits from mood-boosting B vitamins and curcumin (an extract of turmeric believed to reduced depression), so you’ll wake up feeling balanced. You’ll also find vitamin D and calcium, to help combat osteoporosis, and selenium to ease brain fog. If you’re looking for one handy patch to address all your menopausal health concerns – this is it!

If you have concerns over HRT side effects, these all natural patches are a great alternative to try.

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