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Melatonin Select 3mg - 60 Capsules

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This hormone, manufactured and secreted in the pineal gland is best associated with its role in regulating sleep cycles. It is often called the sleep hormone. Less well-known is its function as a powerful antioxidant as its "scavenges" or neutralizes hydroxyl radicals-the most damaging free radicals that destroy virtually any molecule including protein and DNA. Melatonin can easily enter cells and cross the blood-brain barrier so it readily absorbed with a quick noticeable effect.

Vitamin B6 is included in our formulation because it is a necessary co-factor in the innate production of melatonin which begins as tryptophan. Our body loses its ability to produce melatonin as we age and this may be due to a cascade of factors such as poor sleeping habits and inadequate exposure to sunlight during the day. The hormone cortisol can be overproduced by excessive mental stress and this decreases melatonin as does consistently triggered adrenaline. Decreased melatonin levels can contribute to inadequate amounts of quality sleep with a full sleep cycle as well as increased susceptibility to free radical damage. Research supports that a body has an enhanced ability to heal itself when meaningful sleep levels are restored.

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