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Maitake Mushroom (10:1 Concentrated Extract Powder) - 30g


Maitake, also known as grifola frondosa or hen of the woods, is a highly prized medicinal mushroom which grows wild on oak trees in Japan and North America. In Japan, maitake means the dancing mushroom, as legend has it that those who found it in the wild would literally jump for joy. In fact, maitake mushrooms were once worth their weight in silver during medieval times.

Maitake mushrooms are still sought after today, as many food-lovers find the taste to be exceptional for culinary purposes, while health-conscious users rave about their nutritional properties. We select only the highest quality maitake mushrooms and carefully concentrate them into a 10:1 extract powder. Each serving is pure and potent, which enables you to receive all of the beneficial components of maitake mushrooms in just under a teaspoon.

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