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LVC4 Vitamin C (Pineapple Flavour) - 250ml | LipoLife


What's in the bottle?

Flavoured liposomal vitamin c supplement, made in the UK by the liposome experts.

Liposomal technology was initially pioneered for pharmaceutical drugs with a focus on the improved therapeutic value of chemotherapeutic medicines. Until recently, liposomes were used exclusively by the drug industry, but now liposomes are beginning to be utilised for the specific oral delivery of food supplements. Liposomes are believed to be the most bioavailable way to deliver nutrients orally to the body, being especially effective for poorly absorbed vitamins and polyphenols, The greatly increased delivery of liposome-encapsulated nutrients has been consistently validated scientifically.

The pineapple flavour in LVC4 is a natural flavouring.

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