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Lean Metabolism Support - 120 Capsules | Amy Myers MD


Appetite Control Using Lean Metabolism Support with EGCG

If you’ve tried dieting in the past and failed, I’m willing to bet a lot of it had to do with never feeling “full” or satisfied! Which of course leads to irresistible food cravings that sabotage your waistline. And you know what? That’s okay — it’s not your fault. Depriving yourself in a traditional diet can only take you so far before it backfires and causes you to overeat in response.

Lean Metabolism Support with EGCG IS different. It’s a functional medicine-inspired approach to healthy weight management. It works by influencing the control centre of your body: the brain. The nutrients in Lean work together to increase your levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for controlling appetite.

Increasing serotonin levels truly is the first domino to fall when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals! That’s because serotonin acts on neural receptors called MC4Rs, which curb appetite and block other neurons that normally increase appetite.

EGCG Metabolism Booster

Of course, it’s not JUST serotonin that plays a role in healthy weight control. A slow metabolism can be a HUGE contributor to weight gain. That’s why Amy included the potent metabolism-booster EGCG, better known as green tea extract, to help fire up your digestion (it’s decaffeinated as well).

What is EGCG?

EGCG is a powerful fat loss accelerator in green tea that revs up your metabolism and boosts your energy levels — helping you experience a slimmer, lighter body. ECGC is short for “Epigallocatechin Gallate”. A single dose of the decaffeinated green tea extract in Lean can actually block the absorption of starches in your GI tract, limiting the amount of carbs your body absorbs after a starch-heavy meal.

EGCG is also a well-studied component of green tea extract. In addition to supporting a healthy metabolism, EGCG may also facilitate an optimal inflammatory response and have antioxidant-like effects on free radical activity.

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