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Immune Modulator - 60 Capsules


Healthy ageing is often dependent on a dynamic immune system. A strong immune system is not enough, though. A healthy and youthful body requires balanced immune-cell signalling to maintain effective and responsive immunity. The plant known as Tinospora Cordifolia has a long tradition of use in Ayurvedic medicine. Tinofend® is an extract of Tinospora that help to maintain the balanced cellular responsiveness, sensitivity and strength of an optimised and properly regulated immune response.

Tinofend® promotes optimal immune health in three ways :

  • By supporting the activity that regulates immune response and enhances the function of protective cells called macrophages;
  • By limiting the number of eosinophils (type of white blood cell) already within normal range;
  • Provides polysaccharides to help optimise the immune system’s normal defences, including neutrophil (type of white blood cell) function;

A clinical trial on humans found that Tinofend® produced significant changes in supporting healthy, immune system modulation.

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