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Ginseng Powder (10:1 Concentrated Extract Powder) - 40g


Ginseng is a perennial plant and an adaptogenic herb which is native to some of the colder regions of China, Siberia and America. There are 11 different species of ginseng, with the Asian Panax ginseng being one of the most nutritionally potent and popular varieties. Ginseng is made from the roots of the plant, and it is not ready to be used as a medicine until it has matured for a minimum of 6 years.

Prescribed in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for over 2,000 years, Asian ginseng is a much-loved natural supplement that boasts a range of rejuvenating and healing benefits. Our ginseng is sourced from a region in Northeast China which is famed for producing some of the highest quality ginseng in the world. All of our plants are at least 8 years old before the roots are harvested and transformed into a finely-milled powder that is ready to be used.

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