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Extraordinary Enzymes - 60 Capsules


Please note that this product has a limited shelf life. The product is sold with a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 6 months shelf life.

Human studies suggest that supplementary enzymes may improve digestion and help minimize post-meal issues. Since proteins, plant fibres and fats are broken down differently, a proper spectrum of enzymes is necessary for optimal digestion. Extraordinary Enzymes provides a potent array of enzymes, formulated to adapt to a variety of stomach acid pH conditions and support digestion. With a total of twelve different enzymes, this unique formula supports the digestion of any food that causes you discomfort. It also assists in converting food into energy and absorbing nutrients more efficiently.

Unlike commercial supplements, Extraordinary Enzymes does not contain amylase. The reason is that amylase breaks down starches into glucose that is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Extraordinary Enzymes facilitates the digestion of healthy vegetables that are often avoided because of digestive discomfort.. Most people need one capsule before the two heaviest meals, which provides 400 mg of natural digestive enzymes each day.

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